Data Backup - Managed Service

Esimplicity Tech will help your business stay secure and able to recover the most valuable data.

Helping backup:

  • Computers (Desktops and Laptops)
  • Servers (Windows server, Linux Server, Mac OS Server, C-panel environments)
  • Mobile Devices
  • NAS devices
  • Databases

All data is backed up to the cloud

Our recommendation is that most businesses should keep at least 3 copies of their data at all times if possible. What this allows for is redundancy and recoverability of data in the event of a catastrophic event.

cloud of devices backup

We use Acronis Backup to help secure our clients data

Acronis Cyber Protect is charged at ¢14 per GB, per month for Cloud Backup and ¢7 per GB, per month for Local Backup. If you are using both on a device, the total charge will be ¢21 per GB, per month. **plus any management costs or fees**

We essentially charge you for the cost of licenses and storage + our management fee.

Additionally, you can purchase the following Acronis Advanced Protection add-on features:

• Advanced Backup – Server
• Advanced Backup – Virtual Machine (VM)
• Advanced Backup – Workstation
• Advanced Backup – Hosting Server
• Advanced Security
• Advanced Disaster Recovery – Acronis Hosted Storage
• Advanced Disaster Recovery – Hybrid Storage
• Advanced Disaster Recovery – Acronis Hosted Compute Point
• Advanced Disaster Recovery – Acronis Hosted Public IP
$9.95 per device/month
$4.30 per device/month
$1 per device/month
$1 per device/month
$1.10 per device/month
$0.07 per GB/month
$0.05 per GB/month
$0.07 per running hour
$3 per IP/month

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