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Top Industry Facts

The average ransomware payment rose 33% in 2020 over 2019, to $111,605.

Smaller organizations (1–250 employees) have the highest targeted malicious email rate at 1 in 323.

Phishing attacks account for more than 80% of reported security incidents

85% of Small Business Owners Report that Use of Technology Aids Success

Research results also found that sophisticated users of digital tools are three times more likely to experience revenue growth and twice as profitable.

The lack of qualified staff who would implement digital tools in the company is the leading challenge, cited by 45% of respondents.

If you’re not investing in technology, you’re not investing in the success of your business.

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Your Personal: Chief Technology Officer (CTO) + Chief Security Officer (CSO) + Information Technology Head + Programmers

The avg. cost of having one of each of the below*

CTO | $162,665

CSO | $147,802

IT | $53,964

Programmer | $64,143

= $428,574 per year


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