Email Security

Email Policy enforcement and regulatory compliance

In today’s digital era, email security and compliance are paramount. With the surge in cyber threats and the growing regulatory landscape, businesses need solutions that protect their communications and ensure adherence to stringent standards. Our comprehensive email security features address this need, providing robust protection and full regulatory compliance.

Primary Features:

  • Server attack rejection
  • Spam filtering/blocking
  • Multi-layered email virus protection
  • TLS encryption enforcement (with SafeSend™)
  • Content policy enforcement
  • Easy to use an encrypted email with secure file transfer features.
  • Total email security that blocks phishing, and other harmful attacks.
  • Adds critical compliance enhancements to sent messages.
  • Affordable, anytime access to a backup of your last 30 days of email.
  • The secure and budget-friendly email with all the right features.
  • Powerful email archiving with no storage and retention limits!

Deployable within 24 Hours!

Why Choose Esimplicity Technologies?

Secure & Budget-Friendly: We understand the need for top-tier security without the premium price tag. Our solutions are tailored for businesses that demand both.

All-in-One Solution: From blocking spam to ensuring compliance, our suite of features provides comprehensive email protection.

Dedicated Support: Our team of experts is always at your service, ensuring smooth operations and immediate assistance whenever you need.

Choose security. Choose compliance. Choose us for a safer, compliant future.