Why Email Security Matters in 2022

Why Email Security Matters in 2022

Why Email Security Matters in 2022

Small firms need to take email security seriously.

When it comes to cybersecurity, small businesses are often too cautious about their email security. They generally opt for consumer-grade security services that don’t offer the protection they need. Cybersecurity statistics show that small businesses are lucrative targets for cybercriminals.

In fact, small firms account for 13 percent of the cybersecurity market—and this number is growing rapidly. That’s because cybercriminals know there’s more money to be made in stealing from smaller companies than larger ones with more resources and staff dedicated to cybersecurity.

So what can you do as a small business owner? First, you should make sure you have an email security solution that can protect your company against malware attacks and phishing scams designed specifically with your company in mind (rather than generic solutions). Second, you should train everyone in your company on how to identify phishing emails and other threats so they don’t fall prey to these types of attacks themselves (which could lead them into making mistakes that compromise other employees’ accounts). Finally, when hiring new employees or contractors who will be working remotely from home offices or other remote locations where there may be less oversight over their activities than if they were physically present at the office every day

Cybercrime is a huge business. According to data from the FBI, nearly half of all cybercrime happens in small businesses. Small firms account for 13 percent of the cybersecurity market. Cybersecurity statistics show that small businesses are lucrative targets for cybercriminals.

The reason for this is simple: small firms are too cautious about Email security. They generally opt for consumer-grade security services. This means that their Email security isn’t strong enough to protect them from hackers and malware attacks.

When you’re dealing with sensitive information in your business, you need an email security solution that allows you to protect your company from hackers and viruses without costing you a fortune in licensing fees or other expenses.

Spam and malware are here to stay. Email-based threats to organizations and individuals continue to grow increasingly sophisticated as spammers innovate new tactics for evading spam and virus filtration systems. CloudFilter™ stops the junk and lets the good email through. Messages containing offensive, harmful, or policy-violating content are held for user review, while good messages continue on their way.

The Solution is to implement Email Security like CloudFilter™ & SafeSend™

The CloudFilter™ service provides real-time testing of every email message that enters your organization’s network. CloudFilter™ analyzes metadata in emails—including sender address, time stamp information, header information, and message body—to determine whether it is likely to be spam or virus-infected based on your organization’s policies. If a message is flagged as junk or potentially infected by a virus, it is held in quarantine until it can be reviewed by an administrator.

By using CloudFilter™’s cloud-based service instead of investing in hardware or software solutions independently from one another, organizations can leverage existing infrastructure investments while adding new layers of protection against spam and viruses at one time.

Do you want to be the person who gets hacked?

Or the person whose email gets blocked because your employees are sending spam?

If you’re not actively protecting your organization and its users, you’re putting yourself at risk of being a victim of spam and malware. In fact, studies show that more than 50 percent of all emails sent are either spam or malware—and that number is only increasing.

CloudFilter™ can help protect you from the dangers of email-based threats by stopping all messages containing offensive, harmful, or policy-violating content while allowing all good messages through.

CloudFilter™ lets you decide what’s important and what isn’t. It helps keep your email system clean so everyone in your organization can focus on what matters most: doing their job well.

• User-friendly web console
• Server attack rejection
• Comprehensive held mail review
• Spoofed sender detection
• Message content/delivery analytics
• Custom content rules
• Attempts delivery for 24 hours
• Hassle-free user sync
• Activity logging
• Adjust settings per user or globally
• Manager role delegation
And much more…

Why SafeSend™?

It’s no secret that email is the most common form of communication in business.

But with all the good comes some bad. If you’re not protecting your company from threats and abuse within the organization, you could be putting your reputation on the line—not to mention risking sensitive information being leaked via email.

SafeSend™ provides this vital layer of protection, allowing you to protect your company’s reputation and preventing sensitive information from being leaked via email.

If someone tries to send an email that violates company policy or contains malicious content, SafeSend will block the email and immediately notify them that the message was held. If the administrator permissions allow it, they can easily release the email for delivery with a single click.

SafeSend also gives administrators the ability to define which content is not permitted for distribution. Utilize pre-defined content lexicons to secure data such as Social Security or credit card numbers, or create custom rules to cover your specific policies or legal compliance needs.

• Enforce TLS for high security
• Custom outbound rules
• Stop banned attachments
• Prevent information leaks
• Sent spam quarantine
• Message logs
• Stats and reporting
• Reputation protection
• Realtime sending notifications
• Instant release to recipient
• Protects from within
And much more…

We also offer other managed email security services like:

XtraMail™ provides affordable, disaster
recovery with shadow inboxes.

CloudMail™ is budget-friendly email hosting
that has everything business users need.

Email Archiving with unlimited storage and
retention at an affordable and predictable cost.

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