The Start of a Website

Let’s launch a website! Those words are easier said than done, but we are here to help! Launching a website can be extremely overwhelming, but it is not as bad as you think and here is how easy it can be to launch a website.

            So, you want to launch a website, let’s start by creating a plan. What do you want your website to do for you? The planning phase should consist of understanding and researching competitors, do you or will you have competitors? If you understand your competitors, you can then use that information to be better at what you do. Another thing to do when planning is define and understand your audience, find what they need and what they want. As long as you know what your audience is looking for you can strive to achieve that, and you will gain repeat clients, customers, or members. Plan all the goals and any strategies that you want to have for this website, making sure to write them down as not to forget them.

Once these are done you can come up with a domain name. A domain name is going to be an easy to remember address to access your website and is going to be unique to your website, so people do not get confused when looking up your website and get it mixed up with another website. As soon as you have a domain name or even before you should also make and write up at least three to five content pieces to go along with your website.

When starting to write for your website, have something prepared before you let it go live so that way your audience has something to look at and are not turned away by seeing a blank screen. The pieces that you write should be geared toward the audience that you want to attract as well as toward your website, whether it is a product or service you are trying to provide. Always remember to do your research for your content! Back up anything you say with facts. As you finish your content you can have a way for visitors of your page sign up for an email list, which you can set up to send them emails for promotions, changes, and any new content that is placed on your website.

These are just the basics for starting up your website. As you finish with setting up your website and getting running, you can then think about how to attract more people to it by using search engine optimization (SEO). We can go more into that next time.


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