Useful Tech Master Link List

So for those who find this, I’d suggest bookmarking this page as I’ll be updating this over time to meet my own needs! Welcome to my Master Tech link list which will house all of my favorite links to pages or websites that are useful in my daily tech oriented life.

Maybe other developers like myself will find some links on this list useful as well.

UPDATED – 9/6/2020


Grammarly- Fix grammar –

Golden Ratio Typography (Fonts Sizing) – Find the right sizing for fonts using the GOLDEN RATIO 🙂 –

Deploying a Node.js app on a Linux/Unix production server –

Intro to API’s – Gitup information on APIs –

DNS Checker – in my opinion the best online DNS checker / testing tool –

Info Graphics Inspiration Site – for ideas on creating info graphics –

Free Developer & Systems tools – for diagnosis and other free tools –

Work Timer – tomato timer –

Web replacement of Photoshop tool – if you want to edit on the go –

Data Science projects and Datasets – for free data, data projects or AI practice –

HTML CSS and Javascript web editor – for live editing in your browser –

Looking for Color Palette inspiration – for finding new color palettes –

HTML Color Picker – for picking colors or looking at saturation’s –

Regex Tutorial –

Simulated Data Generator – generates data sets in excel or csv –

Check a file or folder for Malware / Viruses –

Another file or folder Malware / Virus checker tool –

Google Links

Keyword Ideas – For finding the right keywords for both SEO and Google marketing purposes. –

Titan Security Key from Google – for use in 2FA with an online account –


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